Wednesday, 23 October 2019

A guitar made of over 100 i Phones

Guitar is a instrument used in music that is usually made of wood or something else, but if someone tells you that a guitar is made with an 'iPhone' then you might want to try this person. Don't believe it.

 A guitar made of over 100 i Phones
 A guitar made of over 100 i Phones

Let us tell you about a guitar made with the world's most expensive smartphone 'iPhone'.

A boy named Art Maier has created a guitar he named 'Icaster' and we can even guess the quality of this guitar by his name.

Yes, the iPhone is used to make the Icaster guitar, which is why this guitar is not the same as all the other guitars, another reason for the name of this guitar was the texture of this guitar 'teleaster guitar As it is, about 107 iPhones have been used to make this guitar.

This iPhone-based guitar has the same characteristics as a normal electric guitar, and Art Maier, the expert who created this guitar, says that the amazing thing is that an iPhone-made guitar gives better frequency than an ordinary guitar.

It is not the first time that a guitar is made of something other than wood, but before that Art Maier had made a guitar that he used noodles to make.
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