Saturday, 28 September 2019

Download Pubg Mobile Beta Version 0.15.0

If you want to early try Pubg Mobile Beta modes and use the new features of upcoming updates, then it’s a great time to install the PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Beta version just released online for Android and iOS users.

While it's been simply a few days of unharnessing of Season nine with PUBG Mobile zero.14.5 update, extra excellent news came for all gamers that the new PUBG Mobile zero.15.0 Beta update is currently rolling out for everybody. So, if you would like to early check modes associate degreed use the new options of a coming update, then it’s a nice time because of the PUBG Mobile zero.15.0 Beta version simply discharged on-line for robot and iOS users.

Well, we tend to antecedently guess that PUBG would unharness the new Payload Mode and new options with the new season nine update. however, we tend to haven’t seen all those rumored options on PUBG Mobile zero.14.5. therefore finally the PUBG Mobile has simply landed the beta update of PUBG Mobile zero.15.0 for all robot and iPhone players. If you regularly play all beta versions of any new update, you'd be glad to grasp that the new PUBG Mobile zero.15.0 beta version is simply discharged and can enable restricted users to play. So, it'd be higher to transfer PUBG Mobile zero.15.0 beta right away on your device and begin enjoying all-new perform of the sport before the globe.

What's new update in Pubg mobile beta 0.15.0

Payload Mode

Yes, the foremost anticipated “Payload mode” has finally arrived with the pubg zero.15.0 mobile beta version beside different new features. Well, the manufacturers haven’t discovered heaps concerning the update, however, we can assume from the image and video footage of Chinese update that there'll be helicopters and missiles is found on the new model. Yes, you'll ride chopper rather like bikes and cars, however, your enemies can also shoot down your eggbeater with new RPG, MGL, and M79 bomb launchers.


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